Create Layouts and Integrate Data Without Any Programming Knowledge

Creating custom layouts in an ERP system typically takes a lot of time, is cumbersome, error-prone and involves costly customisation, especially when you want to integrate data from different sources. With dox42’s solution, you can now quickly, flexibly, and intuitively design templates for MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Make stunning documents

With dox42, you can automatically generate individualised documents and integrate (dynamic) elements from your existing systems into them.

  • Presentations, quotes, orders, invoices 
  • Letters, lists, permits, reports, contracts 

Create templates to generate documents

Use your existing documents as a base and design templates in your familiar Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint environment.

Connect to your data sources

Easily connect to databases, web services, Microsoft Excel, XML/JSON, SAP, MS Dynamics 365 CE/CRM, BC/NAV, FO/AX, workflows, SharePoint or custom-developed data sources.

Create powerful layouts

Effortlessly add images, barcodes, tables, charts, graphs or even entire documents to your templates and customise their display.

Use Excel for calculations and charts

Automate calculations and charts in Microsoft Excel, integrate them into your documents, and eliminate the proliferation of Excel lists.

Automate presentations without programming

Save time by integrating data from your existing data sources, automating charts, and automatically generating PowerPoint presentations.

Generate individually or in bulk

Generate documents individually or in bulk, or automatically save them as PDF or PDF/A.

Looking for a flexible and easy solution to create and customise layouts yourself?

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