A Choice with the Highest Return

The phase where you can derive the most return is the initiation phase of your ERP project. The best investment you can make is to first understand what your business needs before evaluating software options.


By objectively assessing which software best suits your business, you are guaranteed to make a wise choice.

Mapping requirements

We start with a series of workshops involving various departments within your organization to comprehensively review and discuss a standard list of processes. This gives you a complete overview of the processes required in your new software.

Determining the benchmark

We evaluate the required processes according to the MoSCoW principle to determine their importance. Each process is then assigned a weight, and these weights are totalled to establish the benchmark against which we will evaluate potential solutions.

Determining the fit/gap

Using a balanced scorecard, we assess the extent to which your requirements are represented in various ERP solutions. This results in an initial fit/gap score.

Preparing RFI/RFQ

We compile all findings into an envisioning document that serves as the basis for your RFI and RFQ.

Sketching the ERP landscape

Based on the workshops and our expertise, we create an initial “future landscape”, providing you with an idea of what your future ERP environment might look like.

Determining the TCO

We establish a financial benchmark that includes all license, implementation, and support costs, both per year and over a 7-year period. This provides you with a concrete understanding of your Total Cost of Ownership.

Complete picture

Based on your envisioning document and requirements list, we request quotes from various vendors to rate your processes according to the capabilities of their software, provide a cost estimate, and explain their approach. This gives you a complete picture.

Objectively evaluating solutions

We create a matrix based on objective data, giving you a clear understanding of all the possibilities and costs of various ERP packages.

What You Get:

  • A list of all requirements for your new ERP environment 
  • A benchmark of all these requirements 
  • A financial benchmark 
  • The envisioning document 
  • An objective matrix with the percentage score of the different solutions 
  • An overview of your Total Cost of Ownership for the different solutions.

Now you can turn your longlist of solutions and providers into a shortlist.

Curious which shortlist is best suited for your company?

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