Are you sure your Dynamics 365 users don't have access to sensitive data?

With Microsoft’s standard security roles, your users likely have too many permissions, leading to higher licensing costs. We tailor security to the specific, individual needs of your users.

Our security approach

Review licenses

A security audit provides an overview of who can access what in your ERP and the impact on your licensing costs.

Create precise roles

By documenting and registering your ERP processes, you can create highly precise tasks, roles and privileges.

Optimise licensing costs

By adjusting user roles to match the processes they actually perform, you can drastically optimise and monitor your licensing costs.

Improve compliance

Granting users access only to the processes they need to perform optimises your security and compliance, reducing the risk of data fraud.

Simplify the interface

Tailoring security to the exact needs of your users simplifies the user interface, boosting their focus and efficiency.

Keep security up-to-date

By reusing documented processes in testing and training, you keep your security up-to-date and can quickly create accurate roles for new functions.

Want to optimise your security, compliance and UI while reducing your licensing costs?

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