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NAV TechDays is the name of a conference, organised by This conference offers 2 days full of – technical and highly relevant – sessions, related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This year NAV TechDays took place on Thursday 21 & Friday 22 November 2019 at the Kinepolis Event Center in Antwerp, Belgium. In short, NAV TechDays is the place where some of the best developers and leading business owners cross paths, exchange ideas, find partners and conceive projects.

Off course, DevElite was there and we would like to share our 3 key takeaways with you.

  1. Never stop learning
    It may sound a bit cliché, but it’s true. The market is changing. Microsoft technology gets updated frequently and the customer needs are changing. So if you want to keep up in this world full of change, never stop learning is the key message. Innovate to stay in pole position.
  2. No more Windows client
    As you all probably already know, starting from October Microsoft released a new D365 Business Central version, which you may call the October release, Wave 2. One of the most important changes, besides the new user interface features and the new platform features is that there will be no more Windows Client. With other words: Wave 2 release is Web Client only.
  3. No more C/Side
    Another big change with this Wave 2 release, is that there will be No more C/Side.

A new era of Dynamics 365 Business Central with some very exiting times ahead!