Get the best out of your ERP.

Whether you want to implement a new ERP or migrate an existing system, DevElite supports you in making the right choices throughout your project. This allows you to get the most out of your ERP and your business.

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Our approach.

Independent and objective tailor-made support.

We don’t do full ERP implementations but we do everything related to it. Starting from a deep understanding of your business and challenges, we think and provide the support you need. We are your ERP partner in the broadest sense of the word and guide you from the preparation of your ERP project to beyond the go-live. We ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget, within the standard of your ERP, without overhead, risks or pitfalls.

Choosing the right ERP software.

Before you can embark on an ERP implementation project, you need to know what your business needs, now and in the future. We achieve the highest return at the start of your ERP project by calculating which ERP solution best meets your requirements. We do an objective screening which you can use to:

  • Select the right software
  • Define the scope of your project
  • Ensure the completeness of your project
  • Assess the feasibility and added value of your project
  • Configure your software

Choosing the right implementation partner.

Now that you have chosen the right software, it is equally important that your project is run by the right people. We work out demo scenarios and rate possible partners using a balanced scorecard. We map out the full project cost and make sure you can make a well-founded choice.

  • Drawing up RFQs/RFIs
  • Longlisting providers
  • RFQ/RFI evaluation and scoring
  • Shortlist providers
  • Working out demo scenarios
  • Evaluation of demos using balanced scorecard
  • Demo sessions
  • Budget and conclusions
  • Support contract negotiations
  • Guidance final decision

Make more well-founded decisions.

Selecting the right software and partner only becomes of real business value when your ERP is properly configured and the users have fully mastered the system. An ERP project is a series of choices that have to be made. DevElite guides you before, during and after your project and acts as your second pair of eyes.

  • Determining ERP architecture (setting up processes)
  • Choosing the right key users
  • Putting together an internal implementation team
  • Overall project & change management
  • Communication with the implementation partner
  • Guidance on configuration and integration of 3rd party applications
  • Test support and cut-over
  • Assistance with data migration and data validation
  • Assistance with go-live
  • Training of (key) users
  • Localisations and other local requirements

Making your ERP work even better.

There are always opportunities to get extra returns from your ERP software. Moreover, with SaaS software, you get several major and several minor updates every year. DevElite helps you use all relevant functionalities or create additional possibilities with extra modules or add-ons. So you get the most out of your ERP and always keep surfing the new.

Security audit and licence optimisation

We match access rights to the exact needs of your users and thus optimise security and compliance while reducing your licensing costs.

Tax engine module for Dynamics 365

We configure this module so that you can automatically generate calculations and returns for multiple VAT numbers.

Landed Cost module for Dynamics 365

With this module, we optimise your supply chain to give you full financial and logistical control over your imports.

Dox42 module for Dynamics 365

We seamlessly integrate this software module into your Dynamics 365 so you can create templates for reporting and personalised documents directly from your ERP.

Our ideal clients.

At DevElite, we are not picky about the sector you operate in or the ERP software you work with, rather we are interested in the goal you want to achieve with your ERP. We partner with medium- and large-sized companies looking to build a state-of-the-art ERP or take a fresh look at their existing ERP.

We have a long history of assisting companies in sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, supply chain management and construction, but are also open to helping streamline your business in your specific sector.

What clients say about us.

DevElite provides on-site support to our users and is a second pair of eyes to our international ERP partner. Without DevElite we would never have been where we are today.

Nadja Coninckx - Finance & IT ManagerManufacture Belge de Chocolats

We were in a very fragile situation where things in D365 were not working. So our expectation was "Make it work for us". And DevElite greatly succeeded in that.

Peter Maginelle – Manager of FinanceCenter for Creative Leadership

Getting the most
out of your ERP?

It all starts with understanding your business and challenges.

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