Automate the most challenging VAT scenarios in D365

With the standard Dynamics solution, filing multiple international VAT numbers can be complex. However, Microsoft’s “Tax Engine” makes this process much simpler.

Goodbye error-prone and complex tasks

The Tax Engine is the perfect solution for medium to large companies operating internationally with multiple VAT numbers, enabling even the most complex VAT filings to be automatically processed from Dynamics.

  • Can you manage to correctly calculate VAT in Dynamics, but do you struggle with filing it, as well as Intrastat, EU Sales List, and customer listings without complex workarounds?
  • Do you have to manually select and verify the VAT group on orders and invoices to ensure it’s assigned to the correct customer or supplier?
  • Are you unable to manage multiple VAT numbers in a single legal entity in Dynamics without custom development?
  • Do you worry that every Dynamics update might disrupt your custom VAT solutions?

No customisation, but standard

Since the Tax Engine is developed by Microsoft, it integrates seamlessly into your Dynamics environment. This keeps your maintenance costs low, simplifies release management during updates, and ensures your ERP landscape remains compact and manageable.

Scenario-driven VAT calculation

Working with your Finance department, we configure all possible VAT scenarios in the Tax Engine and assign the corresponding VAT numbers and filings to those scenarios. This allows the system to automatically determine which VAT needs to be calculated and for which filing it is intended.

Automate VAT filings

We ensure that your filings, Intrastat, EU Sales Listing, and other reports are automatically exported in the correct format, allowing you to upload them directly according to local VAT regulations.

Scalability and flexibility

We configure the service in such a way that you can easily add new customers and suppliers to the scenarios. This enables you to adapt the application to changes in your organisation while maintaining consistent VAT operations.

Are you operating internationally with multiple VAT numbers and struggling with filing them?

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