Our ERP playbook.

Below you will find some videos with excerpts from interviews in which we talk about our experiences with ERP implementations at (medium to) large companies. Strategic advice and tangible tactics that we believe work best today. No sales pitches.

Start with a full-fledged blueprint

Does IT know what your business needs?

Realise the highest return at the start of your project

You don’t build a house without a plan either, do you?

SaaS, for many a painful relief

Adapting yourself to The New Normal

The chance that you are unique will get smaller

Choose a software that suits you for at least 95%

The remaining 5%

Envisioning to choose an ERP that suits you

Envisioning before seeing demos

Envisioning before you upgrade an ERP with a lot of customization

Simply upgrade an ERP with a lot of customisation?

Customisation – 3 modern options

The importance of a standard configuration

Centralise instead of maintaining interfaces

More ERP insights?

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