Stay ahead.

With an optimised ERP strategy and structure.

While many companies ignore their business processes when selecting an ERP, causing them to make wrong choices, being forced to customisation and subsequently getting in trouble with the implementation or upgrade, we, on the other hand, base ourselves on what the business and the people in the workplace need.

Your processes determine your choice.

First analyse which processes are important for the business and only then look at software, rather than choosing software and therefore being obliged to adjust your processes accordingly.

We achieve the highest return at the start of our projects by first mapping out the necessary processes and then examining them against what is standard in the various ERP solutions. It’s a procedure that only takes a few days; peanuts compared to the cost of a wrong package choice.

An upgrade of an ERP with a lot of customisation?

Through envisioning, we can easily compare the current software, including customisation, with its upgrade versus other solutions. Based on the obtained fit/gap scores, we can also objectively assess whether there is no other solution that suits the business better. Finally, we find out what efforts would be needed to transfer the software and customisation to the new version.

Adopt before adapt!

An ERP software suits the business if at least 95% of the necessary functionalities are provided as standard.

For the remaining 5%, we first look at how things can be done with the standard functionalities of the software and, if necessary, we adapt a part of the process or screen to this.

If there is still a particular, deviating requirement, then we build it in a modern way, so that it is upgradeable and automatically compatible with a new version of the software.

Want to do more with your ERP than merely supporting processes?

  1. Make the right choice
  2. Set up your software properly

This way you can gain a real competitive advantage with it.

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Compare selecting software to building a house.

It is true that you can have a look on Batibouw and possibly make a decision there, but you probably won’t start building without first talking to an architect about what is important to you in that house.

This often does not happen when selecting software. Then we just go to Batibouw and say: “Okay, this is the one!” But we haven’t looked at exactly what we all need.

We have not thought about what is important, which business processes are crucial for the business, what we want and how we are going to approach it.

However, just like when building a house, you are guaranteed to get a better result if you have mapped everything out in advance.