Success story

From on-site support to a bridge to global ERP partner in Japan.

Before DevElite

Nadja Coninckx was looking for a solution to support the IT department of Manufacture Belge de Chocolats and to relieve its workload. Although the company was working with an internal ticketing system, there were also many ad hoc issues to be resolved daily.

From its parent company in Japan, the company did have a permanent ERP partner who had implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 internationally, among other things, but this partner was literally and figuratively quite far away from the Belgian entity. The company therefore needed a partner who was closer to them.

Moreover, the system still showed a lot of growing pains and important information was not available, which made it fairly negative among employees.


Key pillars of collaboration with DevElite

To support the Manufacture Belge de Chocolats IT team full-time, we decided together with Nadja Coninckx to employ one of our team members and also AX specialist, Kevin Van Kerkhove, full-time with them.

Together with the internal IT team, Kevin now provides first-line support. Cases come to them, they try to solve them and only when they cannot, they contact either the DevElite team or the international ERP partner to finally create a ticket there.

In addition, Kevin and the IT team organised workshops with all departments to see where there might have been problems and eliminate any associated frustrations.

Finally, Kevin took charge of communication with the permanent partner, where he invariably knows how to defend the interests of the Belgian branch and even dares to challenge the partner’s approach, always with full respect for that partner. Finally, Kevin knows how to explain it all to the point that the local staff have a perfect understanding of what they are talking about and of the challenges and changes.


MBC’s evolution and results

As a result, people at Manufacture Belge de Chocolats now feel that their questions are being addressed and the system’s shortcomings resolved. As a result, they now have a much more positive attitude towards AX.

Manufacture Belge de Chocolats also greatly appreciates DevElite’s approach and Kevin’s strong analytical skills. In particular, they experience always looking at the broader scope and full flow before making a decision or giving an opinion as being very positive.

“Without DevElite we would not be where we are today,” says Nadja Coninckx

Manufacture Belge de Chocolats intends to switch from Dynamics AX 2012 to Dynamics 365 soon and invariably wants DevElite’s support to see that everything is implemented correctly. After all, according to them, DevElite not only possesses the necessary knowledge but also naturally knows all the processes in the meantime.

“DevElite, and Kevin in particular, could not have done better so far, much worse. Nobody at Manufacture Belge de Chocolats actually wants to lose them.”

Manufacture Belge de Chocolats, part of Godiva Japan, has been producing high-quality Belgian chocolates for both brand manufacturers and private labels since 1921.


Employees in Belgium: 220
Founded: 1921

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