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Tired of creating the so called Belgian fiscal state 281.50 each year manually?

To avoid this time-consuming task, DevElite has created an integrated solution to calculate these fiscal states automatically.

The basis of the fiscal state transactions can be:

  • Purchase order invoices (i.e. service fees bought at a certain supplier without VAT)
  • (Invoice) journals
  • Financial journals (i.e. a cost to be declared posted via a bank transaction)
  • General journals (i.e. a specific correction to be taken into account)

The calculation of the fiscal states will result in an XML which can be loaded in the Belcotax website to be converted towards a readable BOW file.
The calculation routine of the fiscal state is based on a specific parameter table containing vendor characteristics, cost types and sales tax codes. For easy setup matters, an import/export routine has been added to populate the setup data with ease.

On average the process from calculation to formal declaration only consumes 5 minutes of your precious time, a huge difference from the manual work you are probable doing right now!