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Now is the time to set things right!

Things have changed dramatically over the past few weeks; we don’t need to dig into that. The world has shifted to an ‘online business’ in a blink of an eye. Whilst some stay foot and wait for the good old times to return others take the opportunity to fix things and successfully turn the tide.

Many companies are discovering that their systems are not running as smoothly as they should, some even realize that the digital transformation and e-commerce train completely passed them by. The majority is challenged. How can they create online business and generate new digital revenue streams?

De Kinderplaneet

Take for example “De Kinderplaneet’ in Baal: 5800m2 of shopping fun, with over 100 000 articles. A true paradise for children! Here they can find everything. From the smallest toy to a fully furnished room. From a backpack to a Playstation. You name it. They’ve got it!

Besides this physical store, they also have a web shop, integrated into their ERP system: Microsoft NAV 2017. And even before these corona times, they discovered that having a web shop is one thing. Having a good performing one is something else.

There were a number of smaller and bigger incidents, but just to give you an idea about the issues:

  • Problems with payment gateways
  • Performance issues: a very slow web shop with a lot of blocks, time-outs and deadlocks
  • Simply placing an order often did not work, which resulted into phone calls from customers wanting to place their order by phone.

Major issues. But still not the highest priority for ‘De Kinderplaneet’ because most of the business was done in the physical store in Baal.

And then #corona happened

When the COVID-19 virus took the entire world into hostage and all stores were forced to close, ‘De Kinderplaneet’ also closed. Suddenly, a web shop with some major performance issues became the only way to generate some revenue. Now it became a high priority issue…

That’s when they decided to contact an external expert. They got in touch with DevElite. As you might know, Ludo has helped +1000 clients with the performance of NAV on SQL Server in his previous life (as founder of SQL Perform). And now we can add “De Kinderplaneet” to this list. Ludo did his ‘mumbo-jumbo’ a.k.a. ‘Performance tuning’. 😉

Results please?!

Last week the web shop has generated a record turnover. The number of orders has been multiplied by 20. Maybe also because of the corona-effect and Easter, but the most important thing … the web shop is now working like it should. Doing what it should: generating online sales! Sure, it’s still being monitored, but we invite you to try it out:

Our advice?

Take the opportunity to fix your business pains. Not after this COVID-19 crisis. Not next year, or the year after. Now!  Or to say it in the words of that 70’s song from Jimmy James: “Now is the time to set things right!”

“Now is the time we should unite
We don’t need revolutions
we just need to open our eyes
Revolution is no solution we ought to realize.”